A synthesis of SNAPO-CO2 ocean total alkalinity and total dissolved inorganic carbon measurements from 1993 to 2022

Total alkalinity (AT) and total dissolved inorganic carbon (CT) in the oceans are important properties to understand the ocean carbon cycle and its link with climate change (ocean carbon sinks and sources) or global change (ocean acidification). We present a data-base of more than 44 400 AT and CT observations in various ocean regions obtained since 1993 mainly in the frame of French projects. This includes both surface and water columns data acquired in open oceans, coastal zones and in the Mediterranean Sea and either from time-series or punctual cruises. Most AT and CT data in this synthesis were measured from discrete samples using the same closed-cell potentiometric titration calibrated with Certified Reference Material, with an overall accuracy of ± 4 µmol kg-1 for both AT and CT. Given the lack of observations in the Indian and Southern Oceans, we added sea surface underway AT and CT data obtained in 1998–2018 in the frame of OISO cruises and in 2019 during the CLIM-EPARSES cruise measured onboard using the same technique. Separate datasets for the global ocean, and for the Mediterranean Sea are provided in a single format (https://doi.org/10.17882/95414, Metzl et al., 2023) that offers a direct use for regional or global purposes, e.g. AT/Salinity relationships, long-term CT estimates, constraint and validation of diagnostics CTAT reconstructed fields or ocean carbon and coupled climate/carbon models simulations, as well as data derived from BG-ARGO floats. When associated with other properties, these data can also be used to calculate pH, fugacity of CO2 (fCO2) and other carbon systems properties to derive ocean acidification rates or air-sea CO2 fluxes.

Metzl N., Fin J., Lo Monaco C., Mignon C., Alliouane S., Antoine D., Bourdin G., Boutin J., Bozec Y., Conan P., Coppola L., Diaz F., Douville E., Durrieu de Madron X., Gattuso J.-P., Gazeau F., Golbol M., Lansard B., Lefèvre D., Lefèvre N., Lombard F., Louanchi F., Merlivat L., Olivier L., Petrenko A., Petton S., Pujo-Pay M., Rabouille C., Reverdin G., Ridame C., Tribollet A., Vellucci V., Wagener T. & Wimart-Rousseau C., 2023. A synthesis of SNAPO-CO2 ocean total alkalinity and total dissolved inorganic carbon measurements from 1993 to 2022. Earth System Science Data Discussions. Article.

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