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Ocean Protector – understanding ocean and coastal acidification through game-based learning

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Engaging for students - Augmented for educators Ocean Protector is a free online educational game that teaches students about the impacts of ocean acidification and...

Inside National Oceanography Centre with Earth Minutes EP2: Ocean Acidification (video)

Educational MaterialsResources Did you know that the ocean is becoming more acidic? Join us to explore inside NOC to learn more with Dr Sara Fowell, from...

Pacific scientific: ocean acidification (audio & text)

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There's a rising threat in our seas — ocean acidification. But in the Pacific, patchy monitoring is making it hard for scientists to know where...

SOARCE webinar series: “Laboratory to classroom translation: two case studies from the lab and field”

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Date and time: Wed, May 10, 2023, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM CEST Join the NOAA Ocean Acidification Program and NOAA Sanctuaries for our first...

How ocean acidification threatens coral reefs (text & audio)

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Coral reefs are complex ecosystems made up of tiny coral polyps that provide shelter, food, and breeding grounds for a wide variety of marine life....

Ocean acidification with Dr. Jonathan Sharp (video)

Educational MaterialsPresentations What is ocean acidification? Why is it happening? What is it so bad? How can we stop it? My questions get answered with Dr....

Pier2Peer scholarship announcement!

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Scholarship alert! Did you know that GOA-ON's Pier2Peer program offers scholarships to eligible mentor/mentee pairs? These awards from The Ocean Foundation — up to $5,000...

GOA-ON Webinar: carbon cycle monitoring in the extreme latitudes, the Southern Ocean and Arctic Ocean (audio & video)

Educational MaterialsPresentationsResources (more…)

Ocean acidification lessons: making a rainbow of pH (video)

Educational MaterialsResourceseducationresourcevideo Ocean Acidification Lessons: Making a Rainbow of pH (more…)

Ocean acidification lessons: shell shifts (video)

Educational MaterialsResourceseducationresourcevideovideo/audio Ocean Acidification Lessons: Shell Shifts (more…)

Ocean acidification lessons: understanding oceans and coastal acidification (video)

Educational MaterialsResourceseducationresourcevideovideo/audio Ocean Acidification Lessons: Understanding Oceans and Coastal Acidification (more…)

OA-ICC booth at the Virtual Ocean Pavilion on the Road to COP27

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The OA-ICC booth at the Virtual Ocean Pavilion for COP27 opened this week for Africa Climate Week (ACW), being held from 29 August-2 September 2022...

How to measure pHT in biological experiments

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Research on ocean acidification requires following best practices. The OA-ICC contributes to the development of teaching material for the implementation of simplified methodologies for laboratories...

What’s the big deal about ocean acidification?

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Fifth-grade students from an inland community discover a local connection to our ocean Download PDF We have only one ocean and it is inextricably linked...

The pH scale and the chemistry of ocean acidification

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Ocean acidification provides a useful and engaging context to explore your learners’ understanding of the pH scale This resource explores the concept of changing pH...

What is ocean acidification? Find out how research at Plymouth is tackling this global carbon dioxide problem (text & video)

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Explore the science behind falling ocean pH and the impact this has on marine ecosystem balance Ocean acidification occurs when carbon dioxide (CO2) is absorbed...

Tie ocean acidification into your chemistry topics

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Link UN sustainable development goal 14 to your teaching of dissolved ions, acids and the pH scale Help your students see the impact that excess...

Visualizing ocean acidification: new online resource (UNESCO)

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New online features were launched to bring together the latest ocean acidification infographics, publications, background information, presentations and news for researchers, policymakers and the public....

What you need to know about ocean acidification

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Carbon pollution isn't just warming the climate it's also making our oceans more acidic. NRDC scientist Lisa Suatoni explains why we must pay attention. Natural...

Ocean acidification: Smithsonian Institution

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Ocean acidification is sometimes called climate change's equally evil twin, and for good reason: it's a significant and harmful consequence of excess carbon dioxide in...

UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme (UKOA)

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The £12M, 5 year UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme (UKOA) is the UK's response and is jointly funded by the Department for Environment, Food and...

Factsheet: ecological effects of ocean acidification

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By absorbing CO2, the ocean is becoming more acidic, and this happens at a rate faster than during any other period in the past 300...

Ocean acidification: connecting science, industry, policy and public

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A powerful short film on ocean acidification: connecting science, industry, policy and public. The film brings together a wide range of stakeholders including, HSH Prince...

MEDDLE: a guide to running best practice experiments in ocean research

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MEDDLE provides learning material and experimental design tools to help you create accurate and statistically meaningful single and multi driver experiments. The aim is to...

Fact sheet for school students and proactive citizens

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Minimize and address the impacts of ocean acidification, including through enhanced scientific cooperation at all levels. Target 3 of the UN Sustainable Development Goal Life...

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