Growth performance of microalgae exposed to CO2

The increase of CO2 emission and other gases of greenhouse effect have caused global debates concerning climatic alterations, stimulating the development of mitigative strategies. Researches in this area include CO2 kidnapping through aquatic microalgae production, as well as their use in the production of biofuels. The aim of this work was to determine the growth kinetics of microalgae (Chlorella sp, Scenedesmus spinosus, Scenedesmus acuminatus and Coelastrum sp.) exposed directly to CO2. Measurements of microalgae growth and pH from medium were taken weekly. The results showed that carbon dioxide promoted growth inhibition in most microalgae. This condition should be considered for the developing of operational strategies and in projects of photobioreactors for the biological conversion of CO2.

Minillo A., Cardamoni Godoy H. & Graciano Fonseca G., 2013. Growth performance of microalgae exposed to CO2. Journal of Clean Energy Technologies 1(2): 110-114. Article.

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