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Description: Please join GOA-ON for this month’s webinar, “Carbon cycle monitoring in the extreme latitudes: the Southern Ocean and Arctic Ocean” on December 14, 3pm UTC. The webinar will feature presentations by Dr. Margaret Ogundare and Dr. Mohamed Ahmed. The speakers will span topics such as increasing the spatial and temporal observations of the Southern Ocean, the Arctic marine carbon sink, as well as neural network machine learning. These research topics will address how to constrain the carbonate system in regions that remain under surveyed due to their remoteness and seasonality.

Time: Dec 14, 2022 05:00 PM in Paris


photo of Margaret Ogundare

Margaret Ogundare, Lecturer @Department of Marine Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology, Akure Nigeria

Dr Ogundare received a PhD in Earth Sciences in 2020 with thesis title Carbon Solubility Pump: Carbon Dioxide Flux and Ocean Acidification Below Southern Africa from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. She is currently working on writing more journal papers from her PhD thesis and on a project with “The Ocean Foundation” on Baseline coastal ocean acidification monitoring in the Gulf Guinea.

photo of Mohamed Ahmed

Mohamed Ahmed, Higher Education Specialist @Esri Canada

Mohamed received his PHD from the University of Calgary in 2020 where he focused on budgeting the marine carbon sink in the Canadian Arctic waters. Then he did two-short postdocs at University of Calgary and University of Victoria studying air-sea gas exchange and impacts of climate change. Dr. Ahmed’s research interests lie in studying marine biogeochemistry and sea-air gas fluxes using observations and geospatial technologies. During his PhD, Dr. Ahmed was able to budget the marine carbon sink in 20% of the Arctic Ocean Surface area. Currently, he is developing various techniques such as neural network machine learning to scale up the sparse field observations of dissolved gases such as CO2 and O2 to regional scales.

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GOA-ON, 1 December 2022. More information.

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