Session on ocean acidification at the 2013 Goldschmidt Conference

Abstract deadline for the 2013 Goldschmidt Conference (Aug. 25-30, 2013, Florence, Italy) is April 12, 2013.

Session 09b — Ocean Acidification: processes, time scales and biotic response Ocean acidification as a consequence of anthropogenic CO2 emissions has the potential to have a major impact on marine biology and biogeochemical cycles. However, despite a significant research focus on the response of individual species and species interactions, the net response of ecosystems to ocean acidification remains uncertain. Resulting effects on the marine carbon cycle and marine chemical system such as redox state are, hence, far from quantified.  Recent efforts have also shown that ocean acidification events in the geological past provide further opportunities to elucidate the Earth System response to rapid carbon injection.

We aim to bring together workers from a number of fields to assess current insights into the causes, processes and effects of ocean acidification in the present but also past oceans. We welcome contributions from physiological, geochemical, ecological and paleo-ecological realms from present and past oceans, including modelling and geochemical/proxy studies.

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