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Season’s greetings and happy new year from the OA-ICC !

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Ocean acidification in E minor

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How to rescue the oceans from progressive acidification?

Event: Saturday 14 September, 2-3pm, Auckland, New Zealand

Join artist Charlotte Graham and University of Auckland Professor of Biological Sciences Te Kura Mātauranga Koiora, Dr. Mary Sewell, as they discuss Graham’s Whakawaikawa Moana/Acidic Oceans, 2019.

Whakawaikawa Moana/Acidic Oceans is a mirror and text installation that addresses the phenomenon of ocean acidification by summoning the world (AO) and its natural elements under environmental stress. Employing lighting to project words in many directions evoking the multidirectional power of the winds and the sun shimmering on the ocean surface, the work speaks of acidic waters compromising marine life.

Graham will discuss her work in light of scientific research on ocean acidification and the pair will explore scientific solutions to restore balance to our oceans.

Charlotte Graham (Pare Hauraki, Pare Waikato, Ngāti Kotimana) is an interdisciplinary artist who uses different materials to engage in indigenous dialogue. Graham’s work has addressed social, cultural and political issues for more than twenty years.

Dr. Mary Sewell’s recent research has focused on the impact of ocean acidification on early development in sea urchins and green-shell mussels, from habitats including the Hauraki Gulf, Firth of Thames and coastal regions of Antarctica.

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Season’s greetings and happy new year from the OA-ICC !

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Save the corals

Performers swimming in the lighted water of Hirschengraben Indoor Swimming Pool in Bern during an artistic performance by Swiss visual artist Pipilotti Rist and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to denounce the disappearance of corals due to warming and acidification of the ocean. Photo courtesy: AFP

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Exhibition features East German photos, oceanic sculptures

Photographs from 1974 East Berlin and sculptures of sea slugs sit side by side at the fall exhibits at the Kehler Liddell Gallery in Westville.

The first exhibit, entitled Taking Sides, features work by New Haven photographer Sven Martson who recently published a book with photographs of daily life in East Berlin before the fall of the Berlin wall. Sculptor Gar Waterman created the second exhibit, entitled Canaries in a Blue Coal Mine. His work aims to draw attention to the impact of ocean acidification on sea creatures through his sculptures of animals such as cephalopods, sea slugs and fish. Both exhibits will be on display until October 7.

“Sven is covering what humans are doing to each other and my show is more about what we are doing to the environment,” Waterman said at the show’s opening on Sunday . “Both of our shows show how we are interacting we each other in one case and also how we are interacting with the world and the creatures that are in it.”

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Saving the planet

Art is an ideal way to communicate climate imperatives in digestible chunks, Pam McKinlay says. Bruce Munro talks to the Dunedin artist and curator ahead of the family-focused art expo “Oku Moana”. 

Pam McKinlay is saving the planet, not one, but a dozen interactive art works at a time.

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