Three current students shortlisted for the Frankenthaler Climate Art awards

Three current Visual Arts students, Linnéa GadVivian Vivas, and Char Jeré, were shortlisted for the Frankenthaler Climate Art Awards.

Presented by Asia Society and the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, the Frankenthaler Climate Art Awards aim to foster climate change awareness through the imagination and insights of an upcoming generation of visual artists. This important award offers three winners $15,000 and honors in Washington, D.C. on the occasion of Asia Society’s COAL + ICE exhibition.

Gad’s work centers around the material lime and “examines how CO2 levels and the acidification of the sea are intertwined with the lifecycle of the mineral,” according to the Frankenthaler website. Working within the medium of sculpture, she works only with lime which is contained in every material she uses such as oyster shells, lapis lazuli, and cement. In so doing, Gad tries to highlight lime’s “diversity and its willingness to bind with different versions of itself.”

Linnéa Gad, Studio at Columbia, Fall 2021

Columbia University School of the Arts, 4 May 2022. More information.

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