Near-future CO2 levels impair the olfactory system of a marine fish

Survival of marine fishes that are exposed to elevated near-future CO2 levels is threatened by their altered responses to sensory cues. Here we demonstrate a physiological and molecular mechanism in the olfactory system that helps to explain altered behaviour under elevated CO2. We combine electrophysiology measurements and transcriptomics with behavioural experiments to investigate how elevated CO2 affects the olfactory system of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). When exposed to elevated CO2 (approximately 1,000 µatm), fish must be up to 42% closer to an odour source for detection, compared with current CO2 levels (around 400 µatm), decreasing their chances of detecting food or predators. Compromised olfaction correlated with the suppression of the transcription of genes involved in synaptic strength, cell excitability and wiring of the olfactory system in response to sustained exposure to elevated CO2 levels. Our findings complement the previously proposed impairment of γ-aminobutyric acid receptors, and indicate that both the olfactory system and central brain function are compromised by elevated CO2 levels.

Porteus C. S., Hubbard P. C., Webster T. M. U., van Aerle R., Canário A. V. M., Santos E. M. & Wilson R. W., in press. Near-future CO2 levels impair the olfactory system of a marine fish. Nature Climate Change. Article (subscription required).

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