Aquaculture mapping in the context of climate change

The development of aquaculture is facing unprecedented pressures from climate change, resource constraints, environmental pollution, energy consumption, and other factors. For coping with these challenges and for ensuring sustainable development of aquaculture, spatial planning in aquaculture activities become more and more important. An ecosystem-based approach for aquaculture mapping is needed to strategically and comprehensively balance the location, aquaculture type, and stakeholders’ interests. In this chapter, we aim to describe the definition, key steps, and methods of aquaculture zoning, especially in the context of climate change (e.g., global warming, ocean acidification, hypoxia/anoxia, sea level rising, and extreme events). We also provide two case studies of aquaculture mapping in China.

Dong Y. W., 2023. Aquaculture mapping in the context of climate change. In: Dong S. L., Tian X. L., Gao Q. F. & Dong Y. W. (Eds.), Aquaculture Ecology. Springer, Singapore. Book chapter (restricted access).

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