Chapter 11 – Mediterranean Sea general biogeochemistry

This chapter gives an overview of the general biogeochemistry in the Mediterranean Sea explaining the particularities of the main biogeochemical variables and the physical, biological, and geochemical processes driving their distribution in the main basins of this marginal sea. Each subsection focuses on one essential variable, starting from dissolved oxygen and following inorganic nutrients, dissolved organic carbon and the CO2 system. A brief overview on the utility of those biogeochemical variables to identify water masses is also given. The chapter concludes with a summary of the projections and threats on biogeochemistry in the Mediterranean Sea under different future climate change scenarios.

Álvarez M., Catalá T. S., Civitarese G., Coppola L., Hassoun A. E. R., Ibello V., Lazzari P., Lefevre D., Macías D., Santinelli C. & Ulses C., 2023. Chapter 11 – Mediterranean Sea general biogeochemistry. In: Schroeder K. & Chiggiato J. (Eds.), Oceanography of the Mediterranean Sea, pp 387-451. Chapter (restricted access).

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