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A few past and current projects and programs on ocean acidification from around the world. 

UAF ocean acidification research expanding

The state of Alaska and the University of Alaska Fairbanks will be throwing a wider net to collect data on ocean acidification in the coming...

NODC ocean acidification scientific data stewardship

The Federal Ocean Acidification Research and Monitoring (FOARAM) Act of 2009 mandates that NOAA establishes a monitoring and research program to document ocean acidification (OA)...

Questionnaire, ocean acidification observing network

To document the status and progress of ocean acidification in open-ocean and coastal environments and to understand its drivers and impacts on marine ecosystems, it...

Real science in virtual school labs

Up-to-date marine data enables students to carry out scientifically valid virtual experiments. The method yields insights on how scientific knowledge is created and developed, according...

Research turns to acidification and warming in the Mediterranean Sea

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The Mediterranean Sea Acidification in a changing climate (MedSeA), a project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, assesses uncertainties, risks and...

Studying ocean acidification in the Arctic Ocean

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard Ice Breaker Healy and its United Nations Convention Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) cruises...

Research project: Indian aquatic ecosystems – impact of deoxygenation, eutrophication and acidification

Project leader: Naqvi, S.W.A.Objectives: To understand processes responsible for formation of oxygen minimum zones in the North Indian Ocean and to evaluate the extent of...

Ocean acidification gets deep in the Mediterranean Sea!

In recent years the issue of ocean acidification has moved rapidly up the political, economic and social agendas and is especially pertinent when combined with...

SCCOOS projects – 2012 Ocean Acidification

What is ocean acidification? As the ocean absorbs increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, it causes changes in ocean chemistry. When carbon...

European Free CO2 Enrichment Experiment (eFOCE)

The objective of the eFOCE project is to develop, validate and implement experimental systems that enable scientists to investigate the long-term effects of acidification in...

Data management for the UKOA programme

BODC announces the launch of the data management area for the UK Ocean Acidification (UKOA) research programme. UKOA is a five-year, £12 million research programme...

Oregon Sea Grant research projects

Oregon Sea Grant has committed nearly $2 million to nine research and outreach projects over the next two years, including investigations into hypoxia and ocean...

Tracking an ocean of carbon (video)

The Carbon Group at NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) works to advance our scientific understanding of the ocean carbon cycle and how it is...

Building stakeholder capacity to monitor ocean acidification in the US and internationally

Originally posted on C-CAN PI: Brad Warren CONTACT INFORMATION: Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) Global Oceans Health Program PI First name, Last name: Brad Warren Phone:...

Will a warmer, more acidic ocean lead to increased Pseudo-Nitzchia bloom toxicity in the Southern California bight?

PI: David Hutchins and Feixue Fu  CONTACT INFORMATION:      Research Institution:      University of Southern California            PI First name, Last name:    David Hutchins and Feixue Fu             Phone:                                213 740...

Regional ecosystem prediction program; Center for sponsored coastal ocean research

DescriptionThe purpose of this document is to advise the public that NOAA/NOS/NCCOS/CSCOR is soliciting proposals for research under its Regional Ecosystem Prediction Program theme focused...

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation grant: Communicating ocean acidifcation

The Ocean Conservancy Inc Communicating Ocean Acidification Term: 14 months Amount: $406,348 Date Approved: Oct. 2011 Purpose: This grant will train trusted messengers to communicate...

Research project: Abrupt ocean acidification events

Global warming is not the only consequence of rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Because CO2 is an acidic gas, and a high...

The CLAMER project organizes the first European poll ever about public perception of climate change in the marine environment

[this invited guest post is contributed by Kristian A. Teleki]The lack of public engagement in the ocean acidification issue is evidenced by the recent polling...

NSF ocean acidification research funding opportunuty

CONTACTS Name Dir/Div Name Dir/Div David  L. Garrison GEO/OCE  Candace  O. Major GEO/OCE  Henrietta  Edmonds OD/OPP  Peter  Milne   Donald  Rice GEO/OCE  William  E. Zamer...

eFOCE: a new project looking at the impact of ocean acidification in situ (videos; English, Français, Italiano, Dutch)

Ocean acidification is the subject of a growing research interest. Most of the data collected so far has been obtained through laboratory perturbation experiments performed...

Ocean acidification – Category 1: the molecular basis of ocean acidification effects on calcification in zooxanthellate corals

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Sponsor: National Science Foundation Dates: September 2010 – August 2011 Project Description Ocean acidification (the decrease in seawater pH) is driven by the increase in...

U.S. Agency Programs Involved in ocean acidification research

Department of the Interior The U.S. Department of the Interior's (DOI) marine and coastal responsibilities include 84 marine and coastal National Parks and 180 National...

EU research: new insights into the effects of ocean acidification on Arctic and Mediterranean ecosystems

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Brussels, 11 May 2011 The Arctic region, which is already affected by climate change more than anywhere else in the world, will be particularly threatened...

Réunion à Bruxelles : EPOCA, European Project on OCean Acidification (in French)

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Du 9 au 11 mai 2011 se tient à Bruxelles la réunion annuelle du projet européen EPOCA, European Project on OCean Acidification. (more…)

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