Chapter 84 – ocean acidification

The problem with climate change which increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is that it promotes acidification of the oceans. This acidification impairs the ability of bivalve mollusks living in acidified waters to have normal reproduction and growth. The climate issue has broad implications for aquacultured species with alterations in water temperature (increases), disease patterns, harmful algal blooms, rainfall patterns, sea surface salinity, or severe weather events which may have an overall net negative impact on aquaculture production. This chapter discusses the implications of climate ocean acidification on the health of mollusks.

Chong R. S.-M., 2022. Chapter 84 – ocean acidification. In: Kibenge F. S. B., Baldisserotto B. & Chong R. S.-M. (Eds.), Aquaculture Pathophysiology, pp 639-643. Cambridge: Academic Press. Chapter (restricted access).

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