The carbonate system in the Ligurian Sea

The study of the oceanic carbonate system is linked to two important environmental issues: ocean CO2 uptake and ocean acidification and its impact on organisms, ecosystems and ecosystem services. This chapter mainly focuses on the seasonal cycles and long‐term trends of the ocean carbonate system based on a synthesis of data collected in the Ligurian Sea from 1998 to 2016. In addition to the effect of potential T (theta) on CO2 solubility, the distribution of dissolved inorganic carbon CT in the water column is driven by the antagonistic effects of the biological carbon pump that increases the vertical gradient of CT (lowering CT at the surface and increasing it in the ocean interior) and the exchange of CO2 at the air–sea interface. The chapter also presents the seasonal cycle of the carbonate system and ancillary variables in the surface water.

Coppola L., Boutin J., Gattuso J.-P., Lefevre D. & Metzl N., 2020. The carbonate system in the Ligurian Sea. In: Migon C., Nival P. & Sciandra A. [Eds.], The Mediterranean Sea in the Era of Global Change 1: 30 Years of Multidisciplinary Study of the Ligurian Sea. Book Chapter (subscription required).

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