Water quality study at Tuticorin Harbour

The rapid population growth and increasing industrial activities including marine activities have resulted in increasing water pollution, which is considered as one of the primary issue of environmental pollution in coastal region of developing countries including Tuticorin in India. The study area map of Tuticorin harbour is collected. Seawater samples were collected from three different sampling points in Tuticorin coastal to study physico-chemical characteristics and parameters such as temperature, pH, salinity, nitrite, ammonia, silicates, dissolved oxygen and inorganic phosphate were studied using various analytical techniques. The studies reveal that the physical and chemical composition of all the samples collected from the sites mainly depends on discharge from the sources of pollutants.

Malarvannan A. & Balamurugan P., 2018. Water quality study at Tuticorin Harbour. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology 5(4): 2730-2734. Article.

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