Climate conditions, and changes, affect microalgae communities… should we worry?

Microalgae play a pivotal role in the regulation of Earth’s climate and its cycles, but are also affected by climate change, mainly by changes in temperature, light, ocean acidification, water stratification, and precipitation‐induced nutrient inputs. The changes and impacts on microalgae communities are difficult to study, predict, and manage, but there is no doubt that there will be changes. These changes will have impacts beyond microalgae communities, and many of them will be negative. Some actions are currently ongoing for the mitigation of some of the negative impacts, such as harmful algal blooms and water quality, but global efforts for reducing CO2 emissions, temperature rises, and ocean acidification are paramount for reducing the impact of climate change on microalgae communities, and eventually, on human well‐being.

Papiol G. G., 2018. Climate conditions, and changes, affect microalgae communities… should we worry? Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 14 (2): 181-184. Article.

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