Auckland Region climate change projections and impacts

Auckland Council and Council Controlled Organisations commissioned NIWA to analyse projected climate changes for the Auckland region and potential impacts of climate change on some of Auckland’s environments and sectors. This report addresses expected changes for 21 different climate variables out to 2120, and draws heavily on climate model simulations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report. Potential climate change impacts on important environments and sectors in the Auckland region are discussed.

Chapter 8 addresses ocean acidification.

Pearce P., Bell R., Bostock H., Carey-Smith T., Collins D., Fedaeff N., Kachhara A., Macara G., Mullan B., Paulik R., Somervell E., Sood A., Tait A., Wadhwa S. & Woolley J.-M., 2017. Auckland Region climate change projections and impacts, 357 p. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. Report.




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