Delaware and ocean acidification: preparing for a changing ocean

Executive summary

The Science of Ocean Acidification

When increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from human activities dissolves in the ocean, it changes the carbon chemistry, lowering pH. This change is called ocean acidification.

  • Ocean Acidification is happening right now and is measurable in the environment.
  • Organisms that build shells and skeletons from calcium carbonate (oysters, clams, coral, lobsters, shrimp) might be at special risk.
  • Estuaries are under additional acidification pressure from algal growth and decay stimulated by nutrients and debris from runoff and sewage.
  • Ocean Acidification interacts with other “stressors,” like temperature increase, de-­oxygenation and food web changes that together might have additional or opposing effects on species and ecosystem services. (…)

Brodeur J., 2015. Delaware and ocean acidification: preparing for a changing ocean. University of Delaware, 49 p. Paper.

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