A 1D Lattice Boltzmann model for ocean acidification

The impact of rejected anthropogenic CO2 is the object of numerous studies and concerns. If global warming is its most widely known consequence, ocean acidification is another important one. In this study, we will present a first version of a simulator dedicated to modeling the physico-chemical properties of ocean, and notably carbon concentrations. This model intends to describe a one-dimensional water column, and will be validated through comparison with data from the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea. The state variables in the final model will be Temperature, Salinity, Total CO2, Total Alkalinity and Oxygen (O2). In the present version of the model, only Temperature and Salinity are being present. The chosen modeling method is a Lattice Boltzmann scheme adapted and modified for this specific application. The model shows reasonable agreement between simulation and experimental measurements for the considered time scale, but results also show evidence that important improvements are needed.

Geri P., Yacoubi S. E. I., Goyet C. & Marcou O., 2013. A 1D Lattice Boltzmann model for ocean acidification. Procedia Computer Science 18: 2444–2453. Article (subscription required).

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