Ocean acidification as an environmental concern

Oceans have been essential in protecting Earth from some of the more severe effects of climate change by absorbing around 30% of the carbon dioxide that humans have been responsible for emitting. However, since the industrial era, this has led to a rise in ocean acidity of about 26%. This creates a number of legal challenges in addition to the scientific challenge of tackling the issue of ocean acidification and its effects on marine life. This research paper will analyse the impact of Ocean Acidification on marine ecosystem, maritime transport, food security and fisheries from the lens of human rights approach, and other socioeconomic concerns relating to ocean acidification. And this paper will assess if the existing international legal framework provides the necessary foundation to address these socio-legal challenges.

Pise M., in press. Ocean acidification as an environmental concern. National Journal of Environmental Law 6(2). Article (restricted access).

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