EGU2022 in the spotlight: BG4 – marine and aquatic biogeosciences

The EGU2022 is approaching soon – no matter whether you are attending in person or online, here are a few highlight sessions from the field of marine and aquatic biogeosciences.

Credit: USGS via unsplash (

From controlled experiments to natural laboratories – scientists use a variety of methods to unravel ecosystem functional responses to environmental changes.

The session “Experimental approaches in Marine Biogeosciences”, convened by Petra Heinz, Hiroshi Kitazato, Christiane Schmidt and Takashi Toyofuku (Presentations Friday, May 27, 8:30-11:50h CEST, room 2.95) discusses how these experimental approaches can help us to make more robust projections into the future or decipher past ecosystem trajectories as analogues to future changes. It includes highlight talks on ocean acidification (by Malcolm B. Hart), beach wrack decay on the Baltic Sea (by Philipp-Konrad Schätzle et al) and monitoring heavy metal content in seawater using benthic foraminifera (by Lin Hoober).

For a full list of all presentations in the BG4 theme, please click here.

EGU Blogs, 19 May 2022. More information.

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