Call for cruise submissions GLODAPv2.2022

GLODAPv2.2021 has been successfully released! But its already time to look ahead and prepare the upcoming update GLODAPv2.2022. To start off, we are now officially calling for new cruise submissions. We are looking for cruises which have “carbon-relevant” data, i.e. have a finalized cruise bottle file with at least one:• Inorganic sub-parameter (TA, DIC, pH, fCO2) and/or• Transient tracer (CFC-11, CFC-12, CFC-113, SF6, CCl4) and/or• Carbon isotope (C13, C14)The submission deadline for the next update is the 17th of January 2022. For submissions or questions, PIs are encouraged to check the attached submission requirements document and contact Nico Lange (

GLODAP cruise submission requirements


A merged “bottle-file“ including:

  • DATE
  • Final and flagged CTD-DATA
  • If no CTD-SAL present then final and flagged salinity bottle data
  • Either:
    • Final and flagged Inorganic carbon data (All measured sub-parameters of inorganic carbon of the cruise)
    • Final and flagged tracer data
    • Final and flagged carbon isotopes
  • Metadata-Info with (at least) responsible PIs, Chief Scientist, Vessel, Cruise-Date


  • Bottle file includes:
    • Final and flagged nutrient data
    • Final and flagged oxygen data
    • All other measured bottle parameters
  • Data already submitted to public repository (e.g. NCEI) – In this case only a link to the data repository is needed
  • Cruise report present
  • Analyzing technique, used instruments, precision and accuracy meta-info present
  • File in WOCE exchange format (ontology, number of decimal places, .csv file)

Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB), 3 November 2021. More information.

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