OA social vulnerability assessments community discussion (text & video)

OA Week 2021, OA Social Vulnerability Assessments Community Discussion

Ms. Courtney Cochran, NOAA OAP, USA

Ms. Jessie Turner, International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification, USA

Ms. Darcy Dugan, Alaska Ocean Observation System / Alaska OA Network, USA

Dr. Jan Newton & Dr. Melissa Poe, University of Washington, USA


Ocean acidification is expected to threaten many marine resources that human communities rely on for food security, livelihoods, and cultural value. While knowing the vulnerability of different communities can help inform where management actions are needed, understanding social vulnerability to ocean acidification remains a challenge. This session will highlight ongoing efforts to address vulnerability in the US and lead to discussions about how other regions can start to think about assessing local vulnerability to OA. The US Interagency Working Group on Ocean Acidification (US IWG-OA) will share updates on a new report that will characterize ecological and social vulnerability to ocean acidification on a global scale. Participants will also hear from panelists in the U.S. who have worked on regional vulnerability assessments or directly with stakeholders, with a focus on how to take first steps and overcome challenges such as data limitations. A large portion of the session will be dedicated to a Question & Answer session with the panel, and audience members will be encouraged to think about how social vulnerability could be addressed in their own region.

Ocean Acidification Week 2021 was sponsored by the following organizations:

(1) GOA-ON, the Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network,

(2) NOAA, the United States National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration,

(3) IAEA OA-ICC, the International Atomic Energy Agency – Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre, and

(4) IOC-UNESCO – the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

For more information, please visit www.goa-on.org.

GOA-ON, YouTube, 1 October 2021. Text and video.

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