Total alkalinity and pH in the Black Sea waters in 2010 – 2011

Based on the data of the expeditionary researches of Marine Hydrophysical Institute in 2010-2011, the total alkalinity TA and pH distributions in the Black Sea waters including the Danube estuary region and the changes in the TA vertical distribution since 1988 are analyzed. It is shown that the coastal and deep-sea water TA is strongly influenced by the river flow. In the Black Sea aerobic zone, TA does not change virtually with depth and does not depend on pH. In the anaerobic zone, it weakly depends on pH, but its dependence on the hydrogen sulfide concentration is of a linear character. Comparison with the data obtained in 1988 shows that in course of the last 20 years no noticeable changes in the TA values in the Black Sea aerobic and anaerobic zones took place, whereas on the sulfide zone upper boundary the total alkalinity increased by 0.04 mg-eq*l-1.

Kondratev, S. I., Medvedev E. V. & Konovalov S. K., 2017. Total alkalinity and pH in the Black Sea waters in 2010 – 2011. Physical Oceanography 4: 35-45. Article.

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