Ocean Acidication Africa Network: “Let’s work together – Increasing awareness about ocean acidification”

Ocean acidification may be defined as the global decrease in ocean pH due to the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Research findings of the past decade have led to mounting concern that
rising atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations will cause changes in the ocean’s carbonate chemistry system, and that these changes will affect some of the most fundamental biological and geological processes of the sea.


OA AFRICA NETWORK is composed by scientists interested in conducting research on ocean acidification monitoring and observation in Africa. OA-AFRICA will provide a platform for sharing
ideas, designing collaborative research programs, troubleshooting challenges, and facilitate international collaboration and support. Our effort for 2017 world ocean day (June 8) is to create an
awareness of OA impact and contribute to the actualization of SDG 14.3 while promoting our network.


  • On the 8th of June, go to the coast with a pH meter (preferably before noon)
  • Take a measurement of the ocean pH using the equipment available at your disposal
  • Get your coordinates
  • Take lots of pictures while conducting the measurement.
  • Post it on your social media account with the small description about it (FB, twitter…).
  • Don’t forget to use the #OceanAcidificationAFRICA & #worldoceanday and tag @WorldOceansDay.
  • Finally, send us a copy of the pics and the value of your pH measurements for compilation
    through the organizing committee mailing address.

Find out more about this event and World Ocean Day on the Ocean Acidification Africa website.

Further information.

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