John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation fund study into effects of ocean acidification

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has funded a study into how calcified structures of benthic organisms are being affected by ocean acidification as part of its drive to provide funding for scientific research undertaken by young research teams, whose members are all under the age of forty. The study was evaluated for funding by the supervisory board of the Foundation, which is comprised of Latsis family members Henrietta, Margarita, Marianna and Spiro Latsis. Throughout 2014, research teams performed a series of experiments to evaluate the effects of ocean acidification and to raise public awareness of the problem with a view to influencing policy makers at the highest level.

The Effects on the Calcified Structures of Benthic Organisms of Ocean Acidification

The aim of the 2014 study was to perform a series of experiments designed to quantify the effect on the calcified structures of benthic organisms of ocean acidification. This included using micro-computed tomography to study shell density and structure. Comparisons were made between juvenile vs. adult life stages, benthic organisms using different forms of calcium carbonate, external vs. internal hard structures and short-term vs. long term acidification.

The outcomes of the project were not solely focused on the specific scientific results. Micro-CT videos were also used to create an educational tool accessible to the general public to visualise the effects of ocean acidification. It is hoped that raising public awareness of these effects will place pressure on top level policy makers to make ocean acidification the agenda’s top priority in coming years.

Since 2008 the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation has been funding scientific research projects across three categories for the advancement of research projects within Greece and in collaboration with global universities and scientific research groups. Within these three categories are supported all classification categories as defined by the European Research Council – life sciences, universe and Earth sciences, social sciences and humanities, physical sciences, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences and information and communication.

More information on the foundation and its projects.


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