Workshop: “Effects of ocean acidification on ecosystems and human societies”, 24-25 November 2015, Stockholm

Deadline for applications: 20 October 2015!

In partnership with IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems Research), the Swedish National Committee for Global Environmental Change and the Environmental Committee at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth System Sciences (SSEESS) organises a workshop to:

  • investigate the knowledge base, gaps and Swedish research capacity when it comes to impacts of ocean acidification in relation to ecosystems (considering multiple threats) and socioeconomics (including fisheries), as well as management of these impacts;
  • increase the collaboration among researchers in Sweden within ocean acidification related research (e.g. through an active network and/or a Swedish research programme), with linkages to IMBER;
  • inform about IMBER´s Science Plan and activities, and stimulate involvement of Sweden-based researchers in IMBER.

The workshop takes place at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm from 24-25 November 2015. (Starting with lunch at 12:00 on the 24th).


The workshop is open for researchers affiliated with Swedish institutions/universities who are active or interested in biogeochemical and/or socioeconomic research related to ocean acidification.
Key representatives of IMBER and Swedish funding agencies will also participate.


The workshop will be free of charge, but the number of participants is limited and registration is required.

Please send an email to SSEESS Senior Research Officer Dan Wilhelmsson for registration, including if you wish to take part in the workshop dinner on 24 November (please indicate any special dietary requirements too).

Last day for registration is 20 October 2015


The detailed programme is currently in development and will be circulated mid- September, along with some additional information on the SSEESS website.

For any other questions, including opportunities for travel support, please contact SSEESS Senior Research Officer Dan Wilhelmsson.


The 1.5 – day workshop will include:

  • introduction to IMBER research (past, present and planned), the organisation of IMBER, and a briefing on the global research initiative Future Earth;
  • discussions, presentations and mapping of the Swedish knowledge base, research gaps and Swedish research capacity when it comes to impacts of ocean acidification in relation to ecosystems (considering multiple threats) and socioeconomics (including fisheries) and management of the abovementioned impacts;
  • presentations of funding agencies and their current priorities;
  • exploration of opportunities for programmatic collaboration/networking among researchers in Sweden and engagement in IMBER;
  • a workshop dinner will be held in the evening of the 24 November 2015.

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