Primary discussion of a carbon sink in the oceans

As a consequence of global warming and rising sea levels, the oceans are becoming a matter of concern for more and more people because these changes will impact the growth of living organisms as well as people’s living standards. In particular, it is extremely important that the oceans absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide. This paper takes a pragmatic approach to analyzing the oceans with respect to the causes of discontinuities in oceanic variables of carbon dioxide sinks. We report on an application of chemical, physical and biological methods to analyze the changes of carbon dioxide in oceans. Based on the relationships among the oceans, land, atmosphere and sediment with respect to carbon dioxide, the foundation of carbon dioxide in shell-building and ocean acidification, the changes in carbon dioxide in the oceans and their impact on climate change, and so on, a vital conclusion can be drawn from this study. Specifically, under the condition that the oceans are not disturbed by external forces, the oceans are a large carbon dioxide sink. The result can also be inferred by the formula: C=A−B and G=E+F when the marine ecosystem can keep a natural balance and the amount of carbon dioxide emission is limited within the carrying capacity of the oceans.

Ma C., You K., Ji D., Ma W. & Li F., 2015. Primary discussion of a carbon sink in the ocean. Journal of Ocean University of China 14(2):284-292. Article (subscription required).

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