Release of publications resulting from the series of international workshops on the socio-economics of ocean acidification

On the occasion of the World Oceans Day and associated ceremonies hosted by the IOC-UNESCO in Paris this Monday (8 June 2015), the Scientific Centre of Monaco (CSM) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are launching two major publications on the biological and the socio-economic impacts of ocean acidification. These documents represent two of the outcomes of the series of international workshops on the socio-economic consequences of ocean acidification entitled “Bridging the gap between ocean acidification and economic valuation”.

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The first document is the brochure summarizing the objectives, conslusions and recommendations for policy makers formulated by the participants of the 3rd international workshop organized by the CSM and the IAEA at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco earlier this year (12-14 January 2015). 53 experts from 20 countries came together to discuss the effects of ocean acidification on the livelihoods and economies of coastal communities.

The second publication presents the overall report put together by the participants of the 2nd socio-economics workshop that addressed ocean acidification impacts on fisheries and aquaculture (11-13 November 2012, Monaco). This unique product constitutes the only comprehensive synthesis on this topic up till now and emphasizes regional differences in vulnerability to ocean acidification. The report was published by IUCN with the financial support of several international partners.

For more information on the series of socio-economics of ocean acidification workshops, please follow this link.

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