“The Monaco Ocean Acidification Action Plan” launched

Bigger cover MAP RUG pageThis year’s  World Oceans Day (8 June) brings yet another novelty in the ocean acidification publications department. The Ocean Acidification international Reference User Group (OAiRUG) announced the release of “The Monaco Ocean Acidification Action Plan” – a guiding document aiming to share progress and set priorities for developments in science and policy to keep pace with impacts of ocean acidification on ecosystems and economies.

The plan was designed by scientists and representatives of the reasearch users community members of the OAiRUG. It does not only target policy advisers and decision makers, but also emerging stakeholders and the established ocean acidification scientific community.

The document emphasizes essential achievements and seeks to foster debate on priorities for action in the coming decade.

For more information on the OAiRUG activity and documents, please follow this link.

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