“Advances in our Global Understanding of Ocean Acidification”, 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting, 22-27 February 2015, Granada, Spain

The abstract submission deadline is 23:59 U.S. Central Daylight Time on Friday, 10 October 2014.

Ocean acidification is a global problem already impacting our coasts and oceans at different scales that span from individual species to ecosystems to indigenous communities to human industry such as aquaculture. It is expected that the ocean’s pH will drop by 0.3 to 0.5 pH units by the end of the century; understanding the complex chemical and biological impacts of ocean acidification will allow predicting responses of the changing marine landscape. In this session we bring together marine chemists as well as marine aquatic ecologists and biologists to discuss the recent advances in our understanding of the processes and mechanisms affecting the global ocean. We invite presentations from observational, experimental, and modeling research. We encourage a global perspective, with presentations from diverse ecosystems and settings. As ocean acidification is a global condition, its effects are seen locally. Thus, understanding across scales is critical to understand either local or global implications.


Kim Currie , University of Otago, New Zealand

Monica Orellana , Institute for Systems Biology, USA

Jan Newton , University of Washington, USA

Pedro Monteiro , CSIR, South Africa

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