“Responses of marine organisms to ocean acidification, interactions with other stressors and biogeochemistry”, 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting, 22-27 February 2015, Granada, Spain

The abstract submission deadline is 23:59 U.S. Central Daylight Time on Friday, 10 October 2014.

Ocean health is being disturbed by a range of stressors. Some of these are critical on a global scale, including ocean acidification – the focus of this session. In recent years, many groups have initiated research on this worrying environmental issue from a range of angles. In this session, we aim to bring together the newest results, based on studies performed in aquaria, mesocosms and in the field, under short and long timescales, including areas under the influence of volcanic CO2 vents, and free ocean CO2 enrichment experiments on habitats such as coral reefs and macroalgal stands, or the open ocean. Studies that focus on the effect of other stressors in addition to ocean acidification are particularly welcome, including the incorporation of direct and local anthropogenic influences (e.g. nutrient enrichment, pollution). We also encourage studies that use newly designed experimental set-ups focused on increasing the complexity of the assemblages to better reproduce the real world, including natural cycles. Consequently, biogeochemical ramifications of ocean acidification are also invited, for example regarding possible changes in the marine production of biogenic volatile compounds, which are critical for ecosystem function as well as influencing climate processes via aerosol production and photochemical reactions.

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Carles Pelejero , ICREA and Institut de Ciencies del Mar, CSIC

Heidi Burdett , University of St Andrews

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