Chapter 2 – Ocean acidification

The aim of this chapter is to summarize key information on ocean acidification—the term used to describe the perturbation to the ocean carbonate system directly caused by ocean uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the atmosphere. This chapter describes the cause and the changes to ocean carbonate chemistry that occur with the addition of CO2 as it is this that will drive the range of responses by marine organisms. It describes current observations of change over the past two decades, projects future changes in ocean chemistry based on CO2 emission scenarios, and relates these to CO2 perturbations in Earth deep past. This chapter summarizes some of the geographic regions, the physiological processes and behavior by organisms, and the ecosystems that may be most vulnerable in a future high CO2 world by drawing on the growing research in this area and recent reviews into different aspects of ocean acidification.

Turley C., 2013. Chapter 2 – Ocean acidification. In: Noone K. J., Sumaila U. R. & Diaz R. J. (Eds)., Managing ocean environments in a changing climate – sustainability and economic perspectives, pp. 15-44. Burlington: Elsevier. Chapter (subscription required).

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