Second Workshop to develop a Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON)

St. Andrews, UK, 24-26 July 2013

To continue the progress started by last year’s Seattle workshop on developing an ocean acidification observing network, a second gathering will be held in Scotland in July by UKOA, the OA-ICC, IOCCP, GOOS, and NOAA OAP. This workshop intends to design the components and locations of a global ocean acidification observing network; identify measurement parameters and procedures for major components; and develop the strategy for data management. The meeting will also devote particular attention to improving the comparability of coastal/shelf sea ocean acidification observations; bringing together national and regional components into a global whole; creating linkages with ongoing time series and biological monitoring; and synthesizing existing data. For more information on this invitational workshop, contact workshop cochairs Jeremy Mathis (NOAA PMEL; also the current OCB-OA subcommittee co-chair) or Phil Williamson (NERC/U. of East Anglia).

OCB News, Spring/Summer 2013, pp. 13. Newsletter.

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