Annual meeting of the SOLAS-IMBER Working Group on Ocean Acidification and the International Coordination Centre on Ocean Acidification Advisory Board, 13-14 May 2013

The advisory board of the newly formed Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre, based at the International Atomic Energy Agency Laboratory in Monaco, met for the first time this spring. The advisory board includes scientists (many from the SOLAS-IMBER OA WG), representatives from major national and international OA research programs, representatives from international organizations, and government and foundation representatives. The OA-ICC is supported by IAEA Member States and through the Peaceful Uses Initiative. Topics discussed include initiatives designed to promote international activities that are not currently funded at national or international levels. These include facilitating international observing, developing joint facilities and platforms, promoting collaboration between natural and social scientists, continuing to update the best practices documents presently available, hosting an open-access bibliographic database, facilitating data management, building capacity, and continuing outreach activities. In the next few months, the OA-ICC will be launching its new website. The site will provide a central source for ocean acidification news and information on international OAICC activities.

OCB News, Spring/Summer 2013, pp. 13. Newsletter.

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