Recent news from the KOSMOS 2013 mesocosm experiment at Gullmar Fjord: a tale of huge burgers in glass boxes

After a long and cold winter, the long-awaited natural plankton bloom has started at Gullmar Fjord, Sweden. Since ten days, the KOSMOS 2013 team counts increasing phytoplankton cell numbers. The weather has been exceptionally nice and sunny over the last two weeks, spoiling the phytoplankton with plenty of light. The nutrients in the water enclosed in the ten mesocosms are declining fast, so soon the large and the small guys will be competing fiercely. Until June, a team of 60 scientists investigate, how natural marine communities develop in response to ocen acidification. The long-term experiment takes place in the framework of the German project on ocean acidification BIOACID (Biological Impacts of Ocean ACIDification).

Read the KOSMOS 2013 blog entry here.

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