United Nations Secretary-General commends work done at IAEA Environmental Laboratories in Monaco

During an official visit to the Principality of Monaco, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, paid a visit to the IAEA’s Environment Laboratories. As the only marine laboratories in the UN system, these facilities play an important role in improving global understanding of marine processes, including ocean acidification.

“Coastal and Marine ecosystems are under increasing threats. For more than half a century, your laboratories have contributed to a better understanding of marine processes. The work being conducted here will help Member States to protect and restore health, productivity and resilience of Oceans and marine ecosystems. Thank you for your commitment and leadership. (…)”, read Mr Ban’s message for the Guest book.

Mr Ban spoke of the Oceans Compact and praised staff for their commitment and leadership, acknowledging the role the IAEA Environment Laboratories play in building the capacity of Member States to protect and restore the marine environment. Mr David Osborn, Director, Environmental Laboratories, said “We are extremely grateful that the Secretary-General took the time in his busy schedule to learn more of the very important work the IAEA is doing here in Monaco. Without the support of the Principality of Monaco laboratories such as those we have here simply wouldn’t exist in the UN system.”

Mr Ban praised the Principality for its leadership on sustainable development and the protection of the world’s oceans. The support provided by the Principality of Monaco in hosting the IAEA Environment Laboratories is just one more example of that leadership.

International Atomic Energy Agency, 5 April 2013. Article.

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