Build-up and decline of organic matter during PeECE III

Schulz et al.

Increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations due to anthropogenic fossil fuel combustion currently change the ocean’s chemistry. Increasing oceanic [CO2] and subsequent decreasing seawater pH have the potential to significantly impact marine life. Here we describe and analyze the build-up and decline of a natural phytoplankton bloom initiated during the 2005 mesocosm Pelagic Ecosystem CO2 Enrichment study (PeECE III). We show that processes of inorganic carbon uptake in mixed surface waters and organic carbon export to depth were significantly enhanced at elevated CO2, while ammonium regeneration in deep waters was substantially reduced. This has important implications for our understanding of pelagic ecosystem functioning and future carbon cycling.

K. G. Schulz, U. Riebesell, R. G. J. Bellerby,, H. Biswas, M. Meyerhöfer, M. N. Müller, J. K. Egge, J. C. Nejstgaard, C. Neill, J. Wohlers, and E. Zöllner, 2007. Build-up and decline of organic matter during PeECE III. Biogeosciences Discussions 4:4539-4570. Article.

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