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Articles providing a broad overview of what is known about ocean acidification. 

Actualización de lo que sabemos sobre la acidificación de los océanos y de los principales retos globales (Spanish)

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Es asombroso pensar que hace sólo diez años casi nadie había oído hablar de la acidificación del océano. Ahora es mucho más ampliamente comprendido que...

Acidificación: Cmo afecta el CO2 a los océanos? (Spanish)

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"Los océanos no sólo están aumentando de nivel y de temperatura, sino que también se vuelven más ácidos" Resource type: website Resource format: document/pdf Divulga...

Monitoring ocean carbon and ocean acidification

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Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration has increased by 42% since the onset of the industrial revolution due to emissions from fossil fuel burning, cement production...

State of the global climate 2020

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In order to unpack such complexity, the WMO State of the Global Climate uses seven Climate Indicators to describe the changing climate providing a broad...

NIWA: Ocean Acidification

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The on-going rise of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is not only changing our climate; it is also changing our oceans. More than a...

Measuring ocean acidification: new technology for a new era of ocean chemistry

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Human additions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere are creating a cascade of chemical consequences that will eventually extend to the bottom of all the...

Wikipedia: ocean acidification

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General article explaining ocean acidification. Resource type: website Resource format: webpage Wikipedia, 1 March 2021. Resource.

Oceanography: 2009 Special IssueÊ

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This Oceanography issue has special features on ocean acidification Resource type: website Resource format: document/pdf Oceanography Society, 1 December 2009. Resource.

NOAAÑ Ocean Acidification

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This page contains an educatinal material on ocean acidification Resource type: website Resource format: webpage NOAA, 1 April 2020. Resource.

Forecasting impacts of ocean acidification on marine communities: utilizing volcanic CO2 vents as natural laboratories

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Oceans have absorbed approximately 30% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions, causing a phenomenon known as ocean acidification. With surface ocean pH changing at a rapid pace,...

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