OA Week 2023 – OARS Outcome 1: Enabling the scientific community to provide ocean acidification data and evidence of known quality

Date: Wednesday 1 November 2023

Time: 18:30 UTC  View in various time zones


Enabling the global scientific community to provide adequate OA data and data synthesis products to allow determination of the progress and trends of acidification throughout the world’s oceans requires that scientists and stakeholders have the resources and capacity to make sustained observations of known quality, and to integrate these data into national, regional, and global synthesis products. This session will present aspects of the different steps required to achieve this:
P1. Sustained and integrated physical, chemical, and biological observations
P2. The value chain of ocean inorganic carbon measurements
P3. Production of data synthesis products tailored to end-users
P4. Capacity building and mentoring
P5. Communication and collaboration building

Session Organizer:

  • Kim Currie


  • Kim Currie

NIWA, New Zealand


  • Richard Feely


  • Dorothee Bakker

Centre for Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

  • Nico Lange

NORCE, Norway

  • Kaitlyn Lowder*

The Ocean Foundation

  • Maria Hood

Mercator Ocean

Communication and collaboration building

GOA-ON, 31 October 2023. More information.

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