OA Week 2023 – Chemical Monitoring

Date: Wednesday 1 November 2023

Time: 21:00 UTC  View in various time zones


Ocean acidification monitoring programs provide a window into the current status of ocean health worldwide. This session will explore OA monitoring techniques and survey results across a global perspective. Speakers will discuss ship-based OA surveys, OA as a planetary boundary, autonomous monitoring platforms and subsurface OA signals, and polar OA process studies.

Session Organizer(s):

  • Liza Wright-Fairbanks and Richard Feely


  • Liza Wright-Fairbanks*

NOAA Ocean Acidification Program, USA


  • Wei-Jun Cai

University of Delaware, USA

New evidence of ocean acidification revealed by onboard collection of δ13C-DIC data during the recent East Coastal Ocean Acidification (ECOA) cruise

  • Helen Findlay

Plymouth Marine Laboratory and University of Exeter, UK

Ocean Acidification as a Planetary Boundary

  • Andrea Fassbender


Amplified subsurface signals of ocean acidification

  • Di Qi

Jimei University, China

Ocean Acidification Processes in the Arctic

GOA-ON, 31 October 2023. More information.

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