June SOARCE webinar: “Community sampling for ocean acidification in South Central Alaska”

Date and time: 14 June 2023, 13:00 EST / 19:00 CEST

Registration: https://bit.ly/SOARCE_June

Join NOAA OAP for the June SOARCE webinar series: “Community sampling for ocean acidification in South Central Alaska” with Willow Hetrick from the Chugach Regional Resources Commission on Wednesday, June 14th at 1pm EST.

The Chugach Regional Resources Commission (CRRC) is a tribal non-profit fish and wildlife commission established in 1984 by the Tribes of Prince William Sound and Lower Cook Inlet. The Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute (APMI), a division of CRRC, is a mariculture technical center located in Seward, Alaska focused on providing subsistence resource harvest opportunity to Tribal members.

The ocean acidification program, conducted by the APMI and CRRC, has been bridging the gap between western science and residents of coastal communities in Southcentral Alaska. The continuous ocean acidification monitoring by APMI and discrete ocean acidification samples and exposure studies provide climate data for researchers to utilize in studying trends and high-level science. The discrete ocean acidification sampling program is conducted by Natural Resource Specialists in Alaska Native communities in Southcentral Alaska.

Continuing ocean acidification work is critical to understanding the effects of ocean acidification effects on important food resources for the Tribes in the Southcentral region. The community response and interest have been overwhelming and the interest outside the region also continues to grow and this video was made to impress upon the Natural Resource Specialists and community leaders the importance of the ocean acidification sampling program and how it fits into the bigger world of ocean acidification research. It is also intended to educate the samplers and leaders on the results to date and provide them the background needed to share the importance and results to residents of these communities.

NOAA OAP, via Ocean Acidification Information Exchange (OAIE), 31 May 2023. More information.

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