This is CDR ep.49: MRV for ocean-based CDR methods with Dr. Jessica Cross, NOAA (video & text)

In this episode of This Is CDR, OpenAir welcomes NOAA Research Oceanographer Dr. Jessica Cross to discuss the challenges associated with measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) of ocean-based CDR methods, and how we can seek to address them in a climate-relevant time-frame.

About our Guest. –…

Dr. Jessica N. Cross is a research oceanographer with the NOAA in Seattle, WA. Her current research focuses on carbon biogeochemistry and ocean acidification in Arctic regions, and especially along the Alaskan coast. The main goal is to better understand how acidification processes interact with natural biogeochemical cycles, and eventually to detect geochemical and biological impacts of acidification in marine systems. Dr. Cross conducts her research across a variety of platforms, including ship-based measurements, moorings, and mobile autonomous platforms like gliders and drones, through NOAA’s Innovative Technology for Arctic Exploration Program. She also broadly participates in the Arctic research community through the North American Carbon Program, the Ocean Carbon Biogeochemistry Program, the Pacific Arctic Group, and the Interagency Research Policy Committee collaboration teams.

Open Air, YouTube, 21 September 2022. Video.

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