Coordination and collaboration on ocean-based climate actions towards sustainable development

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Join us live this Tuesday, June 7, 2021, 16:45—18:15 CEST online or at the Bonn Climate Change Conference for the side event: ‘Coordination and collaboration on Ocean-based climate actions towards sustainable development’.

Location: Online and in-person

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The ocean has greatly slowed the rate of climate change. But at a cost: the ocean has warmed, acidified and lost oxygen, whilst circulation patterns are changing, and sea levels are rising. The continuation of these changes not only threatens marine ecosystems, but also the future ability of the ocean to support life on Earth. Despite this, the ocean offers a range of key mitigation and adaptation opportunities for nations to combat climate change and increase ambition on emissions reduction and to ensure that the ocean can be developed sustainably for the benefits it provides to people around the world.

This event will showcase action-driven trans-disciplinary science and cross-sectoral collaboration towards strengthening cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders and relevant UN bodies to adapt to the climate-induced challenges placed on the ocean and thus improve sustainable development, limiting warming to 1.5 °C, enhancing NDCs, and helping achieve Net Zero.


Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK; Global Ocean Forum (International Coastal and Ocean Organization); Ocean Policy Research Institute of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan; Réseau Océan Mondial (World Ocean Network), Belgium and Nausicaá Centre National de la Mer, France


Steve Widdicombe, Director of Science Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Co-Chair Executive Council Global Ocean Acidification – Observing Network; Co-lead UN Ocean Decade endorsed Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability programme (OARS)

Plymouth Marine Laboratory. 7 June 2022. More information.

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