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The OA-ICC has supported the ocean acidification community by maintaining the ocean acidification news stream and OA-ICC bibliographic database for nearly 10 years. This year in light of the increased importance of the virtual space in the time of COVID-19, we dedicated additional resources to update and grow our site, enhancing the tools available to our community. In addition to updating the Bibliographic Database, which now contains more than 8,800 scientific papers on ocean acidification, we have developed new guides and features on the site which you may be interested in.

These include: 

  • A calendar with descriptions and links to events on OA, which you may sync with your google calendar. This calendar is updated regularly, and we welcome submissions of events.
  • A resource library, which contains a vast selection of topics on OA, for example: educational materials, projects and programs, general articles, reports and newsletters, and organizations. More resources and categories will be added continuously and we welcome resource submissions.
  • An enhanced basic search and new advanced search option, which will help you explore our archives and resource library.
  • A summary of our methods for maintaining this news stream, as well as detailed documentation of our procedures. 
  • A page providing quick links and information about our bibliographic database and data portal.   

We invite you to explore the site and benefit from the additional resources made available to the ocean acidification community. If you are interested in collaborating with the OA-ICC projects, programs and events, please contact us at oa-icc@iaea.org

Kind regards,  

OA-ICC team 

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