OA-ICC bibliographic database updates and user guide

We are happy to inform you that the latest version of the OA-ICC bibliographic database, now containing more than 8,800 scientific articles, books and more on ocean acidification, is available for public use on Zotero and for download on pCloud. The database is no longer available on Mendeley because the public groups feature has been discontinued, but you may still download the database and add it to your Mendeley library.

We have also created a new user guide and a page on our methodology to improve your experience using the bibliographic resources. You may find our user guide and more information on OA-ICC bibliographic resources, including the biological response data portal, on our new bibliographic database page. This page includes our updated friendly user’s guide, featuring explanations to our custom keywords with links to clear examples. In addition, we will be sharing a tutorial on navigating the bibliographic resources soon.

If you have content not currently on the news stream that you would like us to share, send us an email at: oa-icc@iaea.org

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OA-ICC team 

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