Request for proposals for a regional training hub for ocean acidification in the Pacific Islands

Proposal Request Synopsis
The Ocean Foundation is seeking an institution (or partnership of institutions) in the Pacific Islands to serve as a regional training hub for ocean acidification for the broader Pacific Islands community. This request for proposals to host the hub is part of a larger project that seeks to build capacity in the Pacific Islands to monitor and respond to ocean acidification through the distribution of equipment, training, and ongoing mentorship. The Ocean Foundation hopes to work with the selected regional training hub to identify additional sources of funding and resources to support the hub in perpetuity, but is unable to guarantee more than the funding laid out below. The regional training hub will be a critical partner in this project and will play a role in sustaining ocean acidification monitoring and research in the region beyond the three-year
time frame of this project. Eligibility and instructions to apply are included in this request for proposals. Proposals are due no later than April 1st, 2021 and should be sent to .

Ocean Foundation. More information.

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