Communicating OA science to policy makers (webinar recording)

On October 20 and 21, the OA Alliance and The Ocean Foundation co- hosted a Communications Workshop for OA Scientists.

This virtual workshop provided an overview of best practices in communicating OA science to decision and policy makers and other stakeholders, drawing upon lessons learned and experiences from our national and subnational government members.  It also described how governments are increasingly tackling ocean acidification through legislation, climate action strategies and other international frameworks and specifically—exploring how scientists and in-region stakeholders can most effectively contribute to those processes.

This workshop was meant for scientists working on ocean acidification who are interested in learning how to interact with policymakers.

You can watch the entire workshop below and access the worksheet we distributed to all participants which is meant to help inform messages, themes and actions that scientists might use in communicating the science and potential impacts of ocean and coastal acidification to local and national policy makers. 

International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification, October 2020. Videos and worksheets.

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