Webinar: On a scale of 0-14, how familiar are you with the ocean acidification pHacts?!

Date and Time: Thursday, March 19th, 2pm EDT (11am PDT)

Description: When you hear the term ocean acidification, what does it actually mean? How is coastal acidification different from ocean acidification? This talk will give an introduction into the chemistry, causes, and processes going on in our marine waters causing an increase in acidity. We’ll also debunk some myths, learn about recent scientific findings, and give an outlook into what the future may hold for the ocean’s pH. Finally, we’ll look at the big picture of what this all could mean for the ocean’s ecosystems.

In the second half of this presentation, participants will learn how to use NOAA’s new Data in the Classroom module to explore the science behind ocean and coastal acidification. Can ocean conditions can support the growth and survival of marine life, both now and in the future? The interactive module provides authentic research questions and scaled data interactions that give students the opportunity to explore this question (and more).

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