Call for proposals: Ocean Acidification Information Exchange microgrants

The mission of the Ocean Acidification Information Exchange is to respond and adapt to ocean and coastal acidification by fostering an online environment built on trust, where our members, regardless of background, feel empowered to ask, answer, and learn from one another. By promoting the collegial exchange of information across disciplines and geographical boundaries, our goal is to facilitate the creation of more holistic, effective response strategies and share lessons learned. To that end, we are offering grants for members of the site who propose innovative strategies for leveraging the OA Information Exchange’s collaboration tools to advance our community’s mission, facilitate their own work related to ocean and coastal acidification and expand the reach/utility of the OA Information Exchange.

Project Ideas:
These are provided as examples of projects that would likely receive funding based on the criteria of this RFP.

Move an ongoing OA project’s efforts to the OAIE by encouraging other project participants become members, recruit additional participants among the member base or elsewhere, and educate other OA Information Exchange members about the project’s efforts and outcomes.
Collect OA-related resources/knowledge from places outside of the OA Information Exchange, organize, upload, and tag them for the use of other members.
Take on the role of a collaboration facilitator or Team Leader to encourage deeper participation and sharing among members
This is not an exhaustive list of possible projects. We encourage applicants to think creatively and propose novel uses of the OA Information Exchange.

Project Description/Goals:
Engagement among members is essential to the OA Information Exchange’s continued success, and proposals should clearly describe how the suggested project’s activities will benefit the OA Information Exchange’s community and increase collaboration within it.

The total amount of available funds for fiscal year 2020 is $11,000. We invite you to submit proposals for award amounts between $200 and $5,000.

Project proposals should fall into at least one of the following categories:
Migrating the management and communication of a new or ongoing OCA project or effort onto the OA Information Exchange
The OA Information Exchange is the first resource of its kind for OCA professionals of all disciplines across the globe; by bringing a project to the site we hope to engage more members of the community and provide additional opportunities for discussion and collaboration, in addition to housing project resources upon which other members can draw. Applicants may want to consider that there is also the option to create private teams whose content is only visible to members who request and receive permission to join.
Other activities that work toward the community’s goals: to respond and adapt to ocean and coastal acidification by fostering a collaborative online environment, and to facilitate the creation of more holistic, more effective response strategies and share lessons learned.
The second category is left purposefully broad so that applicants can “dream big” and propose projects that are beyond the project areas conceived by the Project Leaders.

Submission & Decision Timeline:
Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. The initial submission window will close 90 days after the posting date, and will reopen 30 days later for another 90 days. This timeline will continue until all funds are exhausted, at which point an announcement will be made. Submit proposals using this Google form. Applicants can expect to hear a decision from the review committee 1-2 months after the submission window close date for the round in which they applied.

We may ask applicants to expound upon their proposal if we have questions or need clarification on any elements, in which case a decision may be delayed.

More information.

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