Request review of manual for real-time quality control of pH data observations: a guide to quality control and quality assurance for pH observations

The U.S. IOOS QARTOD project ( has initiated the development of a Manual for Real-Time Quality Control of pH Data Observations: A Guide to Quality Control and Quality Assurance for pH Observations in Coastal Oceans. The manual builds upon the existing twelve QARTOD manuals and the generous support from hundreds of contributors. They are unique in their focus on real-time QC, and are produced through an expanding series of reviews which ultimately result in a document that reflects present community thinking. They are living manuals, that are maintained and updated to ensure they remain accurate and relevant.

The QARTOD project seeks reviews of this draft real-time QC manual for pH observations. The manual addresses all pH measurements, not just those useful to the OA community. A follow-on implementation document specifically for real-time QC of pH for OA would identify the sensors, QARTOD QC tests, and test thresholds.

Suggestions are requested by 10 July.

pHversion0-3d (1)

Mark Bushnell, QARTOD National Coordinator, U.S. IOOS. More information on the Ocean Acidification Information Exchange (registration required).

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